About Us



The club was incorporated for the purposes of promoting historical appreciation of early America and the firearms of early America, reviving the sport of muzzleloading, educating the public about muzzleloading and providing a location and sponsoring organized activities for muzzleloading and historical reenactments.


Our Property

The club now owns 27 acres of property with 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard ranges for shooting traditional, patched round-ball muzzleloading firearms.

Salt Creek meanders through the property and a bridge connects the  camping areas to the shooting range on the other side.  The area remains primitive with no electricity or plumbing but a well with a hand pump provides excellent water.



Directions to the range, located in Lancaster County:

  • Highway 77 South of Lincoln to Highway 33
  • Highway 33 West to Spur 55 B
  • South 1 mile to Community Center Building
  • East on first road South of Community Center to range

(see map)

Interested in early American History? Ever wanted to learn more about muzzleloading firearms? Enjoy the outdoors, camping and learning new skills? Looking for others who share these interests? You may want to consider attending a meeting or filling out a membership application.

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Rock Creek Renegades

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